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Workshop:  The online forum is open to anyone who is working with historical photo processes.

The class focuses on giving feedback to participants on their images, as well as help them problem-solve issues they have had in creating the work being presented. It is also a forum for Alternative Process Photographers to exchange ideas, tips, issues and inspire each-other to try something new.


For each meeting participants upload the images they have been working on in their chosen technique. Some participants will focus on perfecting one technique, while others will try different techniques. Often participants inspire each other to try new techniques, or you might be working on similar techniques and use the class to share experiences. It is a forum where practitioners of different techniques meet to share their experiences under the guidance of me. I also give short lectures presenting different topics within Alternative Processes, and students often introduce each other to photographers they admire to help inspire participants to push the envelope with their work.

Dates: We meet on Zoom on Friday’s: Jan. 26, Feb. 16, Mar. 15, Apr. 5, Apr. 26, May 24 from 1:00PM – 3:00PM EST, with a maximum of 8 people.

Register Here:

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