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Workshop:  The Griffin Museum is pleased to offer this intermediate – advanced online project development program for photo-based artists who аre seeking to start a new project (series), or take their current project to the next level using Alternative or Historical Process.

Students will participate in monthly critiques and lectures, and this workshop will offer a comprehensive opportunity to experiment with or re-imagine your concepts and ideas. You will also discover tools and techniques that will help you problem-solve and keep you inspired to experiment. We are excited to bring you up to date on current uses of alternative processes like Cyanotype, Albumen, Platinum, Palladium, Kallitype or toning, mixing of processes and digital negatives. Lectures that will enhance yout creative toolbox, and add a new layer of creativity to your practice. This class can also broaden your understanding of Alternative Process within the photographic medium. Participants will work on multiple elements that enhance their image making: from experimenting with new processes, to articulation, presentation, and potential installation of the work.

Dates: We meet on Zoom on Mar 14, Apr 11, May 2, May 9, and Jun 13.

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