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Check out Jill doing a wet plate portrait here!

Students in Oklahoma working on the cyanotype process

The photo ops in and around our 4 bedroom home in the Hudson Valley are magnificent, not only of the 185 year old mansion itself, but also, within 30 minutes there are countless spectacular Hudson River views, American Revolution era structures, charming communities and much more. Come and spend the night, $60 per, and during the day with world renown Alternative Photo Process expert, Jill Enfield. She will lecture on the arts of cyanotype, film development, wet plate collodion, hand painting and lots of other alternative processes suited to your theme of interest. Your workshop can be for just you, or you and your friends/family members because we have 3 extra bedrooms in the house. Or if you prefer just come for the day and return home after sunset.


Besides cyanotype, film development, wet plate collodion, hand painting for portrait, landscape, wildlife, flower, architecture, street scenes and interiors there is even a darkroom which comfortably fits 4 people thanks to the state-of-the-art facility in the house. And take your pick of what you will be learning from wet plate collodion, b/w, cyanotype, palladium printing, gum printing and more.

(Available day only, day/night for 4 nights, 4 days or any time in between, ranging in price from $235 to $735, and can be divided amongst up to 3 guests in the same family or reservation, each with their own room.)

Arrive anytime – Leave anytime.


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