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Internships & Mentoring:

College students looking for credit while on the job learning are welcome to contact me. If you are attending a school close by, we can work around our schedules and come up with a plan for how many days and what the job would entail. Thinking outside the box!! There is also a possibility if you are not so close: A student from Boston would come stay with us several weekends a semester and get his internship hours in that way. There is plenty of room, but we do have cats – so be aware of the animal situation.

Internship duties take many forms from helping me in the darkroom, scanning and organizing,  sending work out, to helping me with my website and posting workshops. We would work together to make a realistic list of things that need to be done to make sure we are on the same page and can work together well.

Working on a project that you would like to get advice with? Mentoring can be arranged. Several options are available in this digital age: you can come here, or we can meet on Skype – whatever works for both of us can be arranged. Prices vary depending on what you were interested in, but we would flush that out before we began. Contact me to get started.

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