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Workshop: Cyanotype: Wet and Traditional with Jill Enfield (Online Learning - Six Sessions) at Los Angeles Center of Photography


Online Learning Class via Zoom. One of the early photographic processes, invented in 1842 by Sir John Hirschel, was the cyanotype. It is based on sunlight causing a change in a light sensitive emulsion brushed onto paper or fabric. Many of the early photographic images were called “sun prints” because they had to be exposed using UV lights, or sunlight. This is a contact print process, and you will need negatives the size you would like your final image to be.
We will start with learning how to make digital negatives and move on to making cyanotypes on watercolor paper or fabric. We will also explore working with photogram materials to use with wet cyanotypes and then toning. Discussions will be on best images, paper, fabrics, and differences in chemical dilutions as well as toners.
Students will receive a comprehensive materials list of items to purchase. (Please plan to spend roughly $100 or more on materials.)


Dates: 6 sessions April 17th-May 22nd

Location: Remote

Register Here:

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