Modern Day Dry Plate Tintypes:

Unlike wet plate tintypes where you need to have your darkroom with you, Dry plate can be prepared a month in advance and kept in a light tight box until needed. This workshop will take advantage of Rockloids AG Plus, liquid emulsion in a bottle so that students can start learning how to prepare their plates right away. Developer will be made from scratch so that you can learn how to make a gallon or just a pint, in order not to waste chemistry. Tintypes can be cut to any size so students can use holgas (2 ¼ x 2 ¼) up to 4 x 5 for in camera photography, or any size when using positive images in an enlarger. I have a few cameras that students can use, but I encourage you to bring your own equipment to practice with. Tri-pods are also needed.


Tuition:  2 day workshop: 9am – 5:30pm  1 hour for lunch  $650.00


Tuition for private class:  $650/ day

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