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Workshop: Alternative Process Photography & the Desert Landscape

Photographing with a large format camera and chemicals that you have to carry with you may seem like an arduous task, but in fact, it is quite fun and invigorating. It brings photography back to a tactile art form and enables the photographer to be in full control of the outcome. If it was good enough for Matthew Brady during the Civil War, why not?

Landscape has played an important part in the history of photography worldwide. In this workshop, attendees will photograph in what is arguably the only portion of the American landscape that is relatively untouched since the inception of the medium. The nearby San Jacinto mountain range, the prehistoric palm oasis that gave it’s name to the village in the early 20th century and the desert floor itself will all be options for photographing in this unique class.

The participants in Jill’s class will learn how to prepare for all types of weather and pack efficiently to go off for a day of photographing in any environment. We will address the importance of safety in preparing and traveling with chemicals, the changing light and photographing on glass and tin.

This 3-day class will be like a survey class.

Dates: May 6th-May 10th 2018

Location: Palm Springs, C.A. United States

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