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Workshop: Matte Albumen at Photographers' Formulary

Albumen printing was the first commercially useable method for reproducing photographic negatives. Matte albumen is a cheap and fast way to make brown prints. Unlike glossy albumen printing where you need to mix up your albumen and allow it to ripen for a week, matt albumen can be mixed and used the same day. You can get most of the supplies at the grocery store, come home and make a print in very little time.


Students will learn how to mix the chemistry, learn different methods for coating their paper with albumen and then making it light sensitive by coating with silver nitrate. Since this is a contact print process, an enlarged negative is then placed on top of the dried, sensitized paper and exposed to UV light. The image is then washed and fixed and can be toned using gold or selenium toners.


Students will be able to leave the workshop with a thorough understanding of how to do this process once they return home as well as leaving with a few wonderful images of their own.


Dates: July 19th - July 24th, 2020

Location: Montana's Swan Valley

Condon, MT

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