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Platinum and/or Palladium printing:  One of the most beautiful and expensive processes, platinum prints were brought into the public eye by the Pictorialist photographers. Platinum prints can range from a cool gray-black while Palladium prints usually range from warm black to very warm brown. Many people mix the two metals to cut the cost and change the tonal range to personal taste. This is a contact print process and you will need negatives the size you would like your final image to be.  Students will need to either bring negatives or materials for photograms or, combine a digital negative workshop with this one. Watercolor paper and brushes also need to be supplied by the student. There is a $200.00 chemical fee for Palladium and $350.00 for Platinum.

Tuition:  2 day workshop: 9am – 5:30pm  1 hour for lunch  $850.00

Tuition for private class:  $850/ day

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